Charlotte, Vermont • 2,200 GSF

This project is a collaboration with a small developer and a modular home manufacturer. The form and style of the exterior is consistent with the Northern VT vernacular. The interior is a fairly contemporary layout.

What makes it green? It’s not so much one or two big things – it’s more like 80+ different things – from an extremely well insulated and sealed building enclosure, to using ground source heat pumps instead of oil or gas heat, to resource efficient framing techniques, and materials with high recycled content and/or locally-sourced materials, etc…

Much of the home will be constructed in a factory (4 to 6 pieces) and then will be trucked to the site and assembled. Then final finish work will be completed on the site.

The home will be designed so that it can be “LEED-Certified,” which is a rigorous third-party rating system that measures the relative “greenness” of the building.