925 GSF House • 1,148 GSF Garage • Single-family • Renovation • South Hero, VT

The renovation of this summer cottage on Lake Champlain increased its square footage and converted it to a year-round residence. Additionally, a new garage with a livable second floor to be used as an office space was built in place of the previously existing structure. SBA worked with the builder and client to provide a functional and generous living space that accommodates the client's needs while still maintaining the feel of a cozy lakeside cottage.

Current zoning requirements limited the renovation of the cottage to its original footprint, and anarrow 10-foot wide area in the middle of the existing cottage where it was possible to add a second floor. The solution found was to reorganize the layout of the first floor and add a "cupola-like" second floor within the 10-foot area adding a new bedroom with great views of Lake Champlain.