The Skinny Pancake is on a mission to change the world by building a safer, healthier and more delicious food shed while creating everyday enjoyment that is fun and affordable. 

From our first collaboration together in 2010 on Oak Street in Burlington, to our current work today on new and exciting locations around New England, our ongoing work with the good folks at the Skinny Pancake is a prime example of the Smith Buckley Architects commitment to the local food movement. 

Our projects together so far include:

Lake & College Streets, Burlington VT                                            Oak Street, Burlington VT
Burlington Int'l Airport, South Burlington VT                                     University of Vermont, Burlington VT
Hanover, NH

University of Vermont, Burlington VT
Living and Learning Center (2015)

UVM is expanding its food options on campus to include more locally-based businesses who are part of the larger farm-to-table network.  The new Skinny Pancake location at UVM is part of that initiative.   We converted a tired bagel shop into a thriving hub of activity where students can grab something quick and delicious on the way to class, or linger in a comfortable cafe atmosphere.  
Decorative budgets are always challenging on these projects.  We enjoy setting up eclectic backdrops to set off the quirky art objects the Skinny Pancake team is constantly bringing to us.

Lake & College
Burlington VT  (2010, 2013)

SBA has completed two successive renovations to the Skinny Pancake flagship location on Burlington's waterfront.  The first, in 2010, reorganized the original kitchen design to install more crepe griddles and create a small bar.  That reorganization was made possible by our earlier 2010 project to create the Chubby Muffin on Oak Street in Burlington, which moved all prep work from Lake Street off site.   The second round of renovations came in 2013 when the adjacent retail space became available.   The dining room and bar was expanded and a performance area was added.  We also took the opportunity to improve kitchen and service workflows.

Burlington International Airport (2012)

Please see separate page.

Chubby Muffin - Oak Street  (2010)
This project was primarily about creating an off-site prep kitchen to service the two main Skinny Pancake restaurants at that time in Burlington and Montpelier, VT.  Off-site prep work, allowed restaurants to be more efficiently configured.  The Chubby Muffin identity for a small coffee and snack venue was something the Skinny Pancake had wanted to do for some time.  The North End neighborhood location was the perfect match for the concept and it provided an active front for the much larger commercial prep kitchen operation behind it.  The existing building had been a small convenience store, so freezer/cooler space was already in place. We worked in close collaboration with the Skinny Pancake to develop the equipment layout and workflow, and our drawings were the basis for further design-build execution of the mechanical and electrical scope of work.